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Thespian Scholarship Nomination Form

Thespian Scholarship Nomination Form

Qualified students who demonstrate dedication, ability, and desire to succeed in college-level theatre may be nominated for Wittenberg University’s Thespian Scholarship. This $5000 renewable scholarship recognizes theatrical achievement and potential as measured by Thespian Directors.

Ohio Thespian Directors who have led their troupes for five years or longer may nominate one student each year. The nominee must meet all admission standards and must complete the admission application process no later than January 15 of the year in which he or she plans to enroll. Additional financial aid and scholarships are available to nominees through Wittenberg’s Financial Aid Office.

Thespian Troupe Information:

Director's Name   Troupe Number

High School Name    
High School Address   City
State   Zip Code
Phone   E-Mail

Nominee Information:


Home Address   City
State   Zip Code
Phone   E-Mail
GPA (if known)    

List nominee’s production credits:
Describe those qualities you believe best qualify this nominee for a scholarship in Theatre:
Name, address, and website of local media to which a news release should be sent:

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