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Outside Scholarship Notification

Congratulations on your outside scholarship! Federal, State, and institutional regulations require that we collect information from each student regarding any "outside" scholarships received. Examples of these would include scholarships received from a parent's employer, your high school, civic organizations, Rotary Clubs, churches, or community foundations. Please fill in the required information:

First Name Last Name
Street Address: City:
State: Zip Code:
E-mail Address:

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Name: Scholarship Source:
Fall Amount: Spring Amount:

I grant the Wittenberg University Financial Aid Office staff permission to release requested information to the donor(s) of any special scholarship funds I may be eligible to receive. I certify that I am the recipient of all above listed outside scholarships and will send a copy of the letter I received from the donor to the Financial Aid Office. All information submitted is confidential.

Electronic Signature: SSN: (last four digits):

Once you hit the submit button your form will be automatically submitted.
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