Wittenberg Student Employment Job Listings: Job Properties Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Marketing Associates Off Campus
Clark County Historical Society Marketing Associates
  Responsible for updating Historical Society's newly developed Group Tour web site, monitoring for groups interested in "Destination Springfield Ohio" tours. Building relationships with tour promoters through Constant Contact and any other social media outlets used in public relations management. Responsible for communicating to associated arts and cultural organizations in the area (Center City Association, Westcott House, Museum of Art, Davidson Center, etc.) in regards to tour bookings and promotional activities.
Fundraising Events include responsibility for promotional advertising, ticket sales, and other related tasks in our efforts to build unique fundraising events marketed to the general public, society members and other organizations.<br /><br />
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These are new positions that will have hands-on experience in developing a complete marketing strategy with the aim of increasing organized tours of all local arts and cultural venues in the Springfield and Clark County area.<br /><br />
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2 Positions ; 10-15 Hours
Times: Mon-Sat
117 South Fountain Avenue, Springfield, OH 45502
Clark County Historical Society
Roger Sherrock or William Schwartz 937-324-0657

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